Talking of Team CLAY CLUB,
When you work with CLAY CLUB, there is you and the team of designers which becomes your team of designers. We put together various vantage points and thereby operate as a seamless creative unit. And we develop real connections with our projects as well as our clients. So expect a very committed partnership that accomplishes your goals—and then some more.
There is neither any hierarchy nor any bureaucracy here. Within the team, Each one is a lead designer, a critical reviewer, a communicator, a facilitator, an arbitrator. Thus always a steady hand indeed. 
As a team, we manage ourselves in a way that balances the spontaneous, inherently rebellious intensity of creativity with the discipline and methodology of production.

Pranav Gajjar

Founder, Managing Director

An architect by education, Pranav has been associated with many ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ organizations. During the span of his undergraduate studies at the School of Architecture, C.E.P.T. University, he was able to associate with students, professors and researchers who shaped his approach. His first experience at hand papermaking began with papermaker Anupam Chakraborty. An active member of oikos Ahmedabad, he later got elected to the Executive Board of oikos International in 20011-12. He received exposure to various social innovations and initiatives during his tenure. He has participated and received awards for CLAY CLUB at various competitions. A designer by qualification he holds keen interest in combining design and social innovation to an entrepreneurial approach.

Heena Kokel

Founder, Director, Project visualization head

Born in a Sindhi family and professionally trained as an architect, She earned her B.Arch degree from CEPT University between 2005-2012 in Ahmedabad. She has bagged a few awards for Architectural designing competitions as well as publications of Architectural research papers. She believes that design could be viewed as an activity that translates an idea into something useful, whether it's a building, a graphic, a car, a machine, a service or a process. Whether it’s a scientist inventing technology, manufacturer making product, engineer making it function or marketer selling it, all can be considered as “Designing” that turns a concept into something that's desirable, viable, commercially successful and adds value to people's lives. Other than conventional roles, she holds a keen interest in learning new skills every now and then, also enjoys practicing illustrating as well as graphic and web designing.

Vishnu Thozhur Kolleri

Founder, Director, Creative Head

Born to professional practicing artists, Vishnu was exposed to the art world at an early age. He developed a hand at drawing as a child and further developed it through his years of training as an architecture student as a tool to habitually express and document thoughts, processes and observations on paper. His fascination lies in exploring sound and its interaction with material and space. Completed his bachelors thesis in 2012 covering the subject of theatre hall acoustics, during which he submitted a paper “An acoustic enquiry into the koothambalam as an evolving form of performance space” at the international symposium for room acoustics ISRA 2013 Toronto conference. He has played guitar, bass and a range of other traditional, vernacular, tribal as well as innovated instruments at the semi-professional level. Currently he is working on developing alternate construction methods through his own architectural practice.

Maulik N Oza

Founder, Director, Head of executions

An architect by profession, Maulik holds great interest in ceramics. During the course of his academic life at School of Architecture at C.E.P.T University he has participated in many workshops and also set up one clay and paper workshop with his friends. Mainly interested in working with different materials and exploring possibilities of using those materials in architecture. He has built 5 to 6 kilns including wood fired pizza oven till now, interested in cooking and baking breads. 

A designer by qualification he holds keen interest in combining craft and latest technology together to come up with better designs and products.

Nikunj Vakani

Founder, Director, Design head

An architect by profession, Nikunj Vakani believes that architecture is the link between the nature and human nature. Skill of drawing as "a medium to express thoughts" has been developed from his childhood and continued during education in school of architecture, CEPT University. His keen interest has been in the exploration of the "tectonics" through different materials, especially handmade paper, clay and stone in the work of art and architecture. Having been born in a family that makes stone replicas of the traditional Indian sculptures of different periods, he has established his interest in the Indian art history. Completed his bachelors thesis in 2012 on the subject of architectonics through the study of the vernacular dwellings of stone craftsmen of Dungarpur, Rajasthan. His works are about the explorations of thought processes, material and the skill in the work of art and architecture.

Fulchandra Patel

Founder, Director, Resource optimization head

Professionally trained as an interior designer, Fulchandra completed his degree in interior designing in 2009 from NSID ,Rajkot. During his 4 ½ years of practicing architecture and interior designing he worked on various kinds and scales of projects ranging from residential, commercial, institutional and various others. He takes pride in his onsite learnings. While working with his few friends from CEPT University in different materials like clay, paper, wood, metal, etc., he learnt new skills and further set himself on a new journey along with others. Being born in a farmer family in Visnagar, Fulchandra also loves to practice farming back home.


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