Murals are artworks either done directly on the walls or done on some surface and then applied on walls or ceiling. Clay Club enjoys expertise in customised ceramic murals. We develop relief ceramic murals made from clay that have 3-dimensional qualities and also make flat ceramic murals by working on ceramic plates and tiles. As per process we propose, discuss and develop graphics on paper for our clients and then finally execute in the beautiful medium of ceramics. As you can see these murals are not bound by size, color or complexity but only by individual’s imagination. Ceramic murals are often used in private residences as well as institutional projects for a transcending experience, which compliments the space and taste of client or community. Ceramic murals are a powerful too to bring art into public sphere. Several governments and patrons have often promoted this medium.

Ceramic Mural has various qualities:

• Ideal for interior as well as exterior use
• Unlike stone, in ceramics color doesn’t fade, it doesn’t corrode nor retains oil/grease stains.