In 2006, while studying architecture at the CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India, our group began to brainstorm, collaborate on class projects and explore various materials; soon named CLAY CLUB. It became a hub for hands-on work, rigorous discussions, design explorations and experiments with our “ideas of doing.” After graduating we set up our own design studio called CLAY CLUB Innovations to continue our explorations with an added challenge of engaging with clients, associate practitioners and the society at-large.

Today, as a start-up, CLAY CLUB Innovations places itself within the milieu of a growing economy with depleting resources, inaccessibility to basic needs, shrinking job opportunities and other such incongruent circumstances. We identify the crisis to be an ethical one rather than climatic or economic. In practice, we engage with three media – Architecture, Ceramics and Handmade Paper. We employ design, communication and social innovation as means to address societal challenges in a contextual manner.