At PAPER FACTree, our sketchbooks are stylised to follow aesthetics of a simple architect’s sketchbook. These can be made with ivory-colorer cartridge paper of archival quality. These are bound in coated paper cardboard with sewn spine that allows the sketchbook to lie flat when open.


Size (mm) No. of pages Paper type gsm
115 x 180 60 Cartridge 150
60 Archival – Handmade paper 220
140 x 215 86 Cartridge 150
86 Archival – Handmade paper 220
180 x 255 100 Cartridge 150
100 Archival – Handmade paper 220

Also available in customized versions with handmade papers like banana, demin etc. of various finishes, tracing papers, grid papers and cloth monted covers. The cover pages can be designed for specific occasions and branding for individual s well as corporate requirements.