As we work in the customised ceramics segment for the home and industry we have developed a range of ceramic facades. The facade essentially acts as a thermal skin and breaks the sunlight to create an ever changing pattern of light and shadow. These hollow modules create an air gap between the exterior and the building walls which helps create the insulation. This product reflects our mandate to provide high quality customised solutions to architects and the construction industry. The idea is to create products with appealing design and ease of assembly.


Material: High Alumina refractory clay
Size: 254 x 254 mm [10 x 10 in.]
Weight: 2.85 kg
Installation: Each module hung on two clamps

Customization has always been our key strength and expertise. Thus apart from this ready to order design, we can also design and manufacture a customized facade.

For customized Facade solutions:
Research and Development: 3 months
Minimum order: 112 sq m [1200 sqft]